When you work for a corporate business, you are not in the driver’s seat of your career — sometimes not even of your personal life.

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I am not the one to quit or give up easily. Many folks think it’s an admirable quality to be persistent, and they applaud me for it. But let me tell you, too much of anything (even of something good) is never good.

My co-workers and executives would surely recognize that I am reliable, loyal, and hard-working. I have been working for the same company since 2015. …

Tips from a therapist

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We are social creatures by nature. We cannot deny that most of us long to have meaningful connections with others.

Some of us may try to convince ourselves that we are better off alone, but do not be surprised if you eventually begin to experience conflicting thoughts about that idea.

It is also important to note that although loneliness is not a mental illness it is correlated with mental illnesses. For example, individuals that struggle with social anxiety may isolate themselves to avoid their symptoms. …

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Losing control of your emotions and behavior is not fun nor healthy. It is a complete roller coaster that leads to shame, self-hate, and never-ending conflict. Conflict with both ourselves and others, as the inability to self-regulate emotions, undeniably causes us to become disruptive in our society.

I am not saying to eliminate negative emotions out of your life — it is not possible anyway since all emotions are meant to be felt. The intent is to learn to regulate all emotions.

To give you some context. Without any sense of emotion regulation, a person can make (both positive and…

How to get out of depressive, anxious, and negative states of mind

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The mind bully is your anxious, depressive, over-critical, or self-shaming voice. The bully in your mind is the monster that drags you down to the pit of despair, fear, and self-hate.

The mind bully is responsible for fueling your mental health issues, as it feeds on your poor self-worth, weaknesses, failures, hopelessness, and negative views of the world.

You contribute to the size and strength of the monster by allowing it to pull you into the pit of darkness over and over. …

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According to the National Institute of Mental Health, about 4.7% of US citizens experience panic disorder at some point in their lives. As a therapist, I see a high prevalence of clients with panic attacks. To be completely transparent, I have been a victim of panic attacks as well.

The prognosis of panic attacks can vary. …

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These are the lessons I learned from my birthday this year:

  1. My birthday merely marks the beginning of a new year. Thus, I have 365 days to celebrate my new age.
  2. Good or bad, a birthday is just another day on the calendar. It is unfair to have expectations about how this day is meant to go (for myself and others)
  3. My birthday experience depends on ME — Only I can decide whether I want to show up for myself.
  4. I must take full control over how I want to “celebrate” my birthday. …

Self-care can be useless in a moment of crisis. Here are 5 skills that can help.


You may want to act and think positively all the time, but know that you are doomed to fail now and then. As humans, we experience both pleasant and adverse emotions. In some phases of life, we are thriving, and in other phases, it seems like we can’t get to the surface of our problems.

Common factors that lay behind feeling hyper-aroused or numb include life traumas (small or big), mental illnesses, situational factors in your environment, medical problems, and burnout.

As you may have experienced already, the cataclysmal part about hitting rock bottom is that you overlook the odyssey…

I am loving it too :)

Thank you!

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After seven and a half years of school and two years of being a Registered Intern, I became a Licensed Therapist in January 2021.

If you have been following my Medium page, you know that in February 2021, my boyfriend and I decided to travel and leave our life in Miami behind for a few months (or maybe a year or two — still assessing). With my License in hand and opportunities to work remotely (due to COVID19), I felt more confident to follow through with this dream. I applied to a few jobs, but no one would support me…

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In February 2021, my boyfriend and I decided to embrace a radical change in our lives. We left out an apartment in Miami, returned our cars, quit our 9–5 jobs, said goodbye to our families, and took off on a world trip.

Our plan is to travel around Europe and the Middle East for the next 9 months. We expect to visit family and friends in November, and they come back through Asia and travel for a few more months.

However, the truth is, we are letting things flow at their own course. …

Daniela Marin

Licensed Therapist, Blogger, CEO of HealingRight, Co-founder of Psychustle, Journal Creator & Seller. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNhVM6HTbv7xiRztMTYNldw

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